Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead performing a free show at The Attic, a Buena Park streetwear boutique.

Students modeling apparel at the Anteater Recreation Center as a part of The Hill's lifestyle photo campaign.

Clara C, a popular Korean-American YouTube singer/songwriter, during her show at the The Roxy.

Photo accompanying a food review of the first-ever Blaze Pizza in Irvine's University Town Center.

D-Lights, a band led by two saxophonists, receiving the best overall award at Soulstice, UCI's talent competition.

UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake showing off his prized map after meeting with a distinguished guest.

Johnny, a barista for Cafecito Organico in Costa Mesa, preparing the cafe's signature sugarcane-based latte.

Ted Fu of Wong Fu Productions in hair and makeup before International Secret Agents' first game show taping.

Dancers from Hitia O Te Ra studio performing at an annual San Clemente Polynesian luau.

A student contributing to a mural at ArtLAB, ASUCI's quarterly community art exhibition and live performance space.