A student looking at one of many t-shirts created for UC Irvine's Clothesline Project by survivors of sexual assault.

President Barack Obama giving his speech at UC Irvine's 49th commencement.

Jane Goodall addressing UC Irvine community members at a Living Peace Series lecture.

Rosario Villarruel preparing to clean a study room. Part of a photo essay on after-hours UCI custodians.

UC Irvine Chancellor and Vice Chancellor helping serve food to students who could not go home for Thanksgiving.

UC Irvine students protesting in solidarity with AFSCME 3299 service workers for fairer wages and work conditions.

Vietnamese-American LGBT activists protesting the exclusion of queer groups in Little Saigon's annual Tet parade.

Melissa Gamble, center-right, and company celebrating news of her election as ASUCI executive vice president.

Zack Wahls during a screening of his Iowa House Judiciary Committee testimony, part of a talk on marriage equality.

Grace Lee Boggs, 98, speaking about her decades of activism at an AAJA-hosted digital media conference.